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In the early 2000s Paul Morris, a former aerospace engineer and lifelong bowhunter, saw a need for an advancement in arrow fletching technology. After several years of development and countless prototypes, he developed the FOB – Fletching Only Better. He, along with his partner, Larry Peterson, founded StarrFlight and first launched the FOB in 2007, changing the game of arrow stabilization for the hunting industry.

In July 2018, we founded Advanced Archery Solutions LLC and acquired FOB, rebranding it into what it is today. We created Advanced Archery Solutions LLC with the commitment to providing high quality and functional products that the bowhunter can use to enhance his or her experience. Our goal is to develop and expand our product lines to provide bowhunters with a more successful and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s your first bow kill or your 100th, we want to be part of your story!

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