What Size Do You Need?

FOB Size Arrow ID Arrow Nock Size Max Arrow OD
Standard 0.244 – 0.246 inch (6.2mm) S OR GT 0.310 in
H-AXIS 0.231 – 0.236 inch (6mm) H OR H.E. 0.300 in
X-AXIS 0.198 – 0.205 inch (5mm) X OR A 0.284 in
MICRO 0.164 – 0.166 inch (4mm) G OR F 0.254 in
If you are unsure about what size arrow you have, please contact your arrow manufacturer or find your arrow manufacturer’s catalog below to look it up:

2018 Gold Tip Arrow Catalog

2019 Black Eagle Arrow Catalog  (Spartan arrow will not work with any size FOB)

2019 Easton Hunting Arrow Catalog

2018 Beman Arrow Catalog

2019 Victory Hunting Arrow Catalog

2018 Carbon Express Arrow Catalog

2018 Bloodsport Arrow Catalog