How It Works

Ease of Install

Whether you’re at home or in the field, installing FOBs is as easy as 1-2-3. Fast, convenient, and precise, FOBs take the labor and guesswork out of fletching your arrows because we’d rather you be in the stand or stalking your game of choice.

Installs in seconds. No glue needed.

Decreased Crosswind Effects

When compared to traditional fletching products such as vanes and feathers, FOBs are more aerodynamic and have a smaller cross-sectional profile. This means your arrow flight will be significantly less affected by crosswinds! See the illustrations above for a visual comparison of traditional fletchings vs FOBs.

Pop-Off Design

FOBs are designed to pop off your arrow upon pass-through and land just feet away from where the pass-through occurred, all the while keeping your nock intact. This allows you to locate your blood trail faster!

The Pop-Off design also allows your arrow to pass through easier, since there are no fletchings to slow it down! It is recommended that you use arrow wraps to aid in locating your arrow. After you retrieve both your arrow and FOB, simply re-install the FOB and you’re ready to go again!

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