X-Axis FOB

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Contents Pack of 12 FOBs plus a clearance tester
Weight 24.0 ± 1.0 grains per FOB
Nock Size X or A nock
Arrow ID 0.198-0.205 in (5mm)
Max Arrow OD 0.284 in
FOB OD 1.0 in
FOB Length 0.5 in

3 reviews for X-Axis FOB

  1. NikoTheBowHunter

    Putting in my second order for some more FOBs. These work great! I recommend doing the yarn trick to help recover lost arrows as Paul originally showed us in his youtube video.

  2. Mike paul (verified owner)

    Ok so I’ll admit I was skeptical about fobs I’ve been a avid archer from the time I started when I was 6 I’ve shot and won Ibo asa Gita and Joad with compound and Olympic style recurve . I’m in no way a beginner or lack experience so with that said I got a pack of fobs put them on my fmj arrows absolutely impressive I’m able to easily spot shoot at 50 yards with fixed broadheads !! I’ll never put another fletch on a arrow again so my ? To anybody that isn’t shooting them is why aren’t you you would be a fool not to try them and when you do try them I garentee they will be on your arrow this fall when season opens!!!!!

  3. Timothy Hary

    Ordering my second pack of fob’s for my new arrows. I cannot tell you how much I love these fob’s. You have to give them a try, you will never regret it. These things are great. I’ve shot some that were partially broken and they still flew straight on. Best archery item I’ve ever purchased.

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